What Country Star Would You Want On Your Side in a Bar Fight?

Imagine. You’re at the bar, sipping on a cold one and that one girl walks in. You catch a glimpse, but someone (the big overly jealous boyfriend) has a problem with how you just gawked at their fine woman. Suddenly, there’s a thrown cue ball, he breaks a pool stick over his knee and before you know it, he has a half broken beer bottle in his hand. You’ve suddenly realized, “Oh [email protected]!%, I’m screwed! Why can’t (insert male country artist/group name) be here to back me up?”

If you’ve ever watched a #CMchat Twittervew, Twangout or creator Jessica Northey on the red carpet, her benchmark question to ask celebrities: “what other celebrity would you want would you want have your back in a bar fight?”

So my question to you is what Male Country Music Artist would you want to have your back in a bar fight?
Here’s my list:

Brantly Gilbert: He’s definitely got the look. And he sings about whooping some ass and how he definitely isn’t afraid to back down from a fight.

brantley gilbert country music chat

Trace Adkins: I mean, all Trace would have to do is stand up and show off his 6’6″ stature and could really say just about anything at that point with his super deep intimidating voice. Boom. Fight over before it even gets started.

trace adkins country music chat

Kid Rock: Don’t you remember what he wrote on his website that one time a trespasser tried to come in his house? “I am an avid hunter and marksman and I will not hesitate to shoot anyone who has myself or family in fear for our lives.” Yeah, that’s why he’s on this list. Plus, they don’t call him an “American Badass” for nothing.

kid rock country music chat

Blackberry Smoke: No question about it. Not just because you’d be stronger in numbers, but just look at these dudes. They totally know a thing or two about being in a bar fight.

blackberry smoke country music chat

Blake Shelton: Although he doesn’t come off as the typical bar fight kind of guy, the man sure has some quick wit and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He could either crack a joke to defuse the situation or make the big bad boyfriend feel pretty small, possibly making him cry while running away with his tail between his legs.

blake shelton country music chat

Do you agree with my list? What Country Music Star/Artists would be on your list?

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