Celebrity Cameos in #CountryMusic Videos – 7 Quick Clicks

While they already may be television, movie, and music stars, they also gave the whole music video thing a stab. Aside from walking red carpets and gracing the covers of magazines, they took on small, wordless roles to the tune of a good ole country song. In this edition of Country Music #CMchat’s 7 Quick Clicks, we may surprise you a bit as we show you some of today’s big stars who got their starts in country music videos and others who took time away from the scripted life to have a little bit of stress-free fun.

1. Matthew McConaughey – Trisha Yearwood’s “Walkaway Joe”

Before he was a true detective or Benny Boo Boo Boo-Boo-Boo, he was just a Walkaway Joe. The year was 1992 and his hair was dark; very dark. Perhaps in the video he was “the wrong kind of paradise,” but I’m willing to put money on the fact that girls all over the world would strongly disagree with that statement today. Trivia: McConaughey also appeared in a later Jamey Johnson video, “Playing the Part.”

2. Kimberly Williams Paisley – Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her”

Before they were married, Brad Paisley took a chance and asked his then girlfriend, actress Kimberly Williams, to star in his music video about choosing fishing over his relationship. Luckily for Paisley, this question that he popped didn’t have a negative affect because he later popped THE question and the two have now been married for over a decade. I’ll take a guess that his wife hid his fishing poles after this video though. There are also other celebrity cameos in this video. Watch to see who else shows up!

3. David Arquette – Rascal Flatt’s “Why Wait?”

Happy Hangover! In a Hangover inspired music video, the guys of Rascal Flatts elicited the help from comedian David Arquette to play out the story of a long night of drinking, partying, and Carrie Underwood “Last Name” types of drama the next morning. Following Jay DeMarcus’ forgettable marriage to an older woman, the video shows Arquette proposing on the beach and the couple getting married in a little white church, surrounded by friends in pastel (welp!). This is another music video where you may recognize another famous face … but you’ll have to watch to find out. And no, that is not the monkey (Marcel) from Friends, although Arquette did also have a cameo in that show at one point!

4. Liam Hemsworth – Zac Brown Band “Colder Weather”

Before he was marrying into a life of twerking (RIP Miliam) and before he was Gayle, living in District 12, Liam Hemsworth was the star of the “Colder Weather” video. The video is dark, dreary, and cold, but Liam…Liam is hot enough to warm up the weather and melt the snow.

5. Dale Earnhardt – Brooks & Dunn “Honky Tonk Truth”

This is a song where the men of Brooks & Dunn are trying to convince a woman that, after a breakup, the man she sees following her around isn’t him…and that’s the honky tonk truth. During the video, Kix Brooks is swapped out with the late Dale Earnhardt, a man who could easily be Brooks’ twin brother, to show that this man really could be somebody else. In fact, their appearances are so similar that, at times, you can’t tell which is which; but I assure you, Earnhardt does stand in for Brooks during this video — and that’s the honky tonk truth.

6. Jane Krakowski – Dixie Chicks “Goodbye Earl”

Poor Jane Krakowski. Right when she fell for and married that nasty old Earl, he raised a hand to her. It’s a good thing Krakowski has friends like Lauren Holly to plot the murder of the abusive man. Yes, the song is slightly “off,” but you can’t deny the fabulosity that is “Goodbye Earl” — especially when coupled with the hilarious video, packed with household names. Who else do you recognize in this video?

7. Sarah Darling – Big & Rich “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy”

Remember that scary looking redheaded mannequin in the “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” video? That’s no mannequin. That is none other than Country Music #CMchat friend and already risen star, Sarah Darling! Now, let’s throw this out there — Sarah Darling is one of the sweetest, most angelic people in the world; however, in this video, she is full on CREEPY. Kudos to our friend on knocking her role out of the park because there is absolutely nothing unpleasant or creepy about this “Little Umbrellas” singer in the flesh! In fact, she is one of our favorite people!

Are there any other music videos where you recognize celebrities? We know there are plenty out there, so let us know!

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