Concert Review: Country Night Lights Festival – Sam Hunt and Easton Corbin

There’s something about fields, trucks and beverages that makes the country lifestyle appealing to so many people. Whether it’s a cliché or not, it’s a real part of life for many of us and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Now throw in a stage with some creative lighting, a few extremely talented country music artists and their bands, and a huge crowd of eager fans who have travelled from all over America and maybe even a few select Canadians (that’d be me) and you’ve got the Country Night Lights festival in Athens, Ohio.

Corey Hager

The afternoon started off with a West Virginia native named Corey Hager. Although it was a short set, he performed a number of songs from his most recent album Wanna Be Country and received a welcome reception from those dedicated fans who were determined to be in the front row all day and all night.

Christian Kaser

Next up on the stage was Christian Kaser, a native of Northwest Ohio who now lives in Nashville. The crowd was appreciative of this tattooed country boy who announced that Athens was the privileged location to hear his song “Kiss On My Lips” live for the first time. Y’all should also check out his recently released single, “That’s What’s Up.”

As the evening grew nearer and the sun began to set, the crowd became more compact and focused on holding down their spots for the “big names” of the night. Easton Corbin performed as the second to last act of the night and the crowd was loving every minute of it. His set is just the right mix of original music, a few cover songs, some banter with the crowd and even a band intro where, Seth, his bass guitarist breaks into the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air rap. Random, sure, but definitely entertaining.

Kudos to Prime Social Group for their first venture promoting a country festival. I think it was highly successful and that was no more evident than when headliner Sam Hunt took the stage. It truly fascinates me how quickly this guy’s career has skyrocketed from when I saw him at a tiny radio sponsored show last April to having 10,000 screaming fans in the middle of a field on a Saturday night. Seeing his full set for the first time was quite the experience. There were definitely moments during the show where I questioned how “country” he is, but the crowd that showed up to see him didn’t seem to mind at all and that made the show the success that it was.

Check out more photos of the whole event @cntrynightlights on twitter.

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