Product Placement in Country Songs

Country music power couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have been topping the charts and probably need a couple of Miranda’s Airstreams to house them all. Due to their successes, personalities and good looks they’ve also infiltrated our televisions in commercial form – Blake with Pizza Hut and now Miranda with Dodge.

It’s not just Miranda and Blake. Jana Kramer and her leather cat suit can have been bouncing around in those Nationwide commercials for a couple of years now. Meow!

So that got us thinking here at Country Music #CMchat about product placement in country songs. As it turns out many of our favorites have been namedropping some of their favorite brands for years. Hopefully, these seven artists are getting a little extra for their free advertising.

Jason Aldean – Take a Little Ride

The song’s original lyric referred to Shiner Bock beer, but after a short while, radio listeners were noticing that the song no longer referenced the Texas staple and instead sang the praises of Rocky Tops (Coors Light). Turns out Aldean had a new sponsorship with Coors. The partnership had a minor detour when he got in a bit of “marital trouble” and brewery shied away until the dust settled (as you all know he eventually ended up marrying the “marital trouble.”)

Florida Georgia Line – Round Here and Sippin’ on Fire

Those good ol’ Florida Georgia Line boys sure like to party, and when they aren’t gettin’ their shine on, they are drinking a small nation’s share of Fireball Whiskey. Note: they also mention Chevy, but then again, find me a country artist who hasn’t at one point.

Miranda Lambert – Little Red Wagon

While Miranda is looking gorgeous in her new Dodge commercial, longtime fans know she has never had a problem dropping a product’s name in one of her songs. Boots (Tony Lama’s) and cars (Dodge Dart) got shout-outs in this Audra Mae song that Ran fell hard for and had to record.

JT Hodges – Ray Bans

Probably the lesser known song in this list, for now, as it was just released on April 22, but naming a song after the iconic sunglasses is all we need to include it. Here’s to hoping that Ray-Ban sent JT a few pairs of Wayfarers.

Justin Moore – Lettin’ the Night Roll

Definitely the subtlest number when it comes to product placement, but the chorus gives a shout-out to Kenwood, a popular car stereo/speaker company. “Got the Kenwoods bangin’ that Rock and Roll…” Note: Another Chevy mention as well.

Eric Church – Jack Daniels

Leave it to “new country’s” resident outlaw to pen an ode to the elixir of country and rock gods and fans everywhere. C’mon, who hasn’t gotten their backside handed to them by too much (or even just enough) Jack?

Joe Nichols – Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

While Jack Daniels may have knocked out Eric Church more times than he’d like to admit, Joe Nichols’ honey has a starkly different alcohol experience as she instead has a habit of shedding and subsequently losing her clothing after too much Patron. My kinda gal.


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