Storm Warning! Country Songs for #Sharknado2TheSecondOne – 7 Quick Clicks

It’s the middle of summer and that means three things: 1) the storms are a-brewin’ in the waters; 2) Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is drawing near; and 3) a combination of the two – storms and sharks – is bringing us the sequel to the most glorious movie of all, Sharknado. In celebration of the premiere of Sharknado 2 tonight, July 30th, #CMchat brings you songs about devastating weather. 

1. Hunter Hayes – “Storm Warning” 

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives. The [shark] storm is coming and it’s taking no prisoners! 

2. Garth Brooks – “The Thunder Rolls”

With rain comes thunder, and when the thunder rolls in, we are reminded of that oh-so-controversial song and music video that were banned from music television in the 1990’s. And if you thought a woman scorned was bad, wait until the shark storm rolls in.

3. David Nail – “Let It Rain” 

It’s inevitable. It is going to rain. It is going to pour. Embrace it and let it come down on you. Well, actually, stay inside the house, but, figuratively, let it come down. Then again, those pesky sharks seem to find their ways indoors anyway … 

4. Tracy Lawrence – “Texas Tornado”

Here comes the funnel cloud. In Tracy’s song, it’s a woman from the deep south. In Sharknado, well, it’s just a funnel cloud chock full ‘o chomping.

5. Little Big Town – “Tornado”

In this song, the ladies of Little Big Town are acting as the tornado, looking for a soul to take. In Sharknado, the tornado isn’t just looking to swallow your soul; it’s looking to swallow you whole.

6. Carrie Underwood – “Blown Away” 

In Sharknado, the winds come in, the sharks take over town, and people, places, and things start flying. Yes, folks. It all gets blown away. 

7. Kelly Clarkson – “The Sun Will Rise”

Did you see the end of the original Sharknado? The sun comes up, the clouds part, and people use electric tools to saw themselves out of the sharks’ stomachs. The sun will, in fact, rise once the storm blows over.


The Band Perry – “Chainsaw”

This requires no explanation. Just see the photograph below:

ian zierring sharknado chainsaw

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