Country Artists Celebrate Moms Through Music – #MothersDay #7QuickClicks

Country music artists have made it no secret that they love their mamas. They have also celebrated, while occasionally complaining, about being moms here and there throughout the years. Whether it is a song about an unborn child seeking the perfect mom for him; a song about a mother being a guardian angel; or the stress involved with being a mom pulled in a million directions, country artists have long tackled the topic of motherhood.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Country Music’s #CMchat felt it was completely warranted to feature some of our favorite country songs about mothers. The following are the tunes we chose presented in alphabetical order by the artist’s first name:

1. Carrie Underwood – “Mama’s Song”

In this sweet ode to her mother, Carrie Underwood uses “Mama’s Song” to assure the woman who raised her into the beautiful person she is that the man she has fallen in love with will continue to nurture her. Encouraging her that it is okay to let her go, Carrie croons about how good “he” (a/k/a Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators) is and that he treats her exactly how a mother would hope. Looks like the song did the trick and Carrie’s mom signed off on Mr. Fisher!

2. Garth Brooks – “Mom”

Garth Brooks puts a different spin on a song about motherhood, speaking from the perspective of an unborn child who is tentative about taking the journey down to Earth to meet his mom. Throughout the emotional track, God tries to convince the child that a safe and warm haven awaits, if only he would trust that the loving arms of his mother will bring him ongoing solace. As Garth made his rounds performing the song when he returned to country music with a new album, he left a trail of weeping mothers in his wake.

3. Jo Dee Messina – “Me”

Jo Dee Messina is rather open about the fact that sometimes life is a little rough and a portion of that stems from raising two small children and caring for her dear mother. Whether she is giving us a power-packed woman’s rant or a soft, sentimental song about being stretched too thin at times, Jo Dee undoubtedly proves to be a hardworking, loving mother and daughter through and through.

4. Laura Bell Bundy – “That’s What Angels Do”

Last Mother’s Day, Laura Bell Bundy released the music video for her single “That’s What Angels Do” and designated it as a tribute to her mom, Lorna. Laura is from a broken home, so the video was especially personal to her and shows others in her position that a child from a divorced home can move on, move forward, and learn to accept love into her heart, despite the example that was set earlier in life. In a beautiful conclusion, we see Laura sharing a hug with her own mom.

5. Martina McBride – “Teenage Daughters”

Eventually those cute little button-nosed babies grow up to be foul-mouthed teens. Few know this as well as Ms. Martina McBride, mother to three daughters. In a song riddled with honesty, Martina sings about the difficulties of raising stubborn girls and, frankly, needing to drink her motherhood woes away.

6. Reba McEntire – “I’ll Be”

Reba McEntire released a song in 2000 that was written from the perspective of a mother speaking to her daughter. As mothers often do, this mom was willing to give her child the shirt off her back and make endless sacrifices to ensure that her child is living a life of happiness. Promising to always be there as a stable support system, Reba makes the broad proclamation of “I’ll be.”

7. Taylor Swift – “The Best Day”

Taylor Swift penned and performed a song for her mom, Andrea Swift, sharing that, no matter what was going on, the best days of life were always with her. Reiterating to the world that this mother/daughter pair has a relationship that most girls could only dream to have with their moms, Taylor told her mother and the rest of the world how grateful she is for the special parent in her life.

Andrea returned the favor to Taylor at the 50th Annual ACM Awards, and it’s a must-see video. Watch our bonus Mother’s Day video by clicking here.

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