Country Songs in Movie Soundtracks – Country Music #CMchat 7 Quick Clicks

The biggest night in movies is happening tonight during the Oscars, so we figured it would be a fun to remember some of the great country music included in some movie soundtracks … And maybe one or two that weren’t so great.

7. Starting with the unforgettable film, Flicka and Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl.” Let’s be honest…this song just intensified the already emotional film and the movie wouldn’t have been the same without it.

6. Then there was Taylor Swift’s country anthem for the teeny bopper film, Hannah Montana. The song “Crazier” actually added just enough twang to make that scene believable.

5. Ahh yes then there was the pumped up cover of “Life Is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts. I think it only took two weeks for that song to be seriously overplayed on every single country music station out there.

4. Speaking of covers, we better add Blake Shelton’s “Footloose” because that song was a true miniature hit for Blake and had people everywhere reliving the 80’s.

3. Oh yes. The 80’s. Can’t bring up the 80’s without Dolly Parton’s huge soundtrack success with the song 9 to 5″ which is still an anthem everywhere for blue-collared folks.

2. Someone who didn’t work 9 to 5 was George Strait when he was on his movie, Pure Country. A soundtrack FILLED with country music songs. I mean…the whole movie surrounded around that theme. But a standout song was definitely, “Heartland.”

And number 1 definitely goes out to this year’s Oscar-nominated Glen Campbell song “I’m Not Going To Miss You.”

Don’t forget to watch Tim McGraw paying tribute to this amazing song tonight on the Oscars!

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