7 Quick Clicks – Country Stars Who Haven’t Won a #Grammy!

We are days away from music’s very own Super Bowl, The Grammy’s! So, we thought it would be fun (well, fun for us anyway; maybe not the artists!) to find 7 country singers who haven’t won a Grammy … and not obvious ones, but like real surprising ones.

For instance….

1. Kid Rock. I know he isn’t exactly ALL country but he pays tribute to country music and that kinda counts….right?

2. The Everly Brothers. They’ve got ton of hits that were recorded in Nashville, but none that have a Grammy title.

3. Toby Keith. The man that is full of some of the most fun songs in the industry has to be asking the Grammy’s….how do you like me now?!

4. Little Texas. The country band was hot in the 90’s, and did score Grammy’s nominations, but never walked away with the prize.

5. Tracy Byrd. The man is credited for some really great music, but none that earned him a Grammy during his mainstream career.

6. Kenny Chesney. I know…I was just as surprised as you are. He’s kind of the Leonardo DiCaprio of country music. Way underated.

And … lucky number seven….

7. Luke Bryan. Pretty great resume, but it lacks Grammy Award winner — as of right now.

Author: Country Cadre

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