Single Review: Craig Campbell – Outskirts of Heaven

I’d like to think I enjoy a fair amount of songs that are played on the radio and I keep up with newly released music as much as I can. Becoming a fan of a song and getting to hear it played live by the artist in concert is even better. That’s my experience with Craig Campbell’s “Outskirts of Heaven.”

For all of the traditional country music fans out there, this is your bread and butter…and if you’re into the more progressive current trends, I’ll ask you to give this song a chance. It more than deserves your attention as well. Campbell co-wrote the song with Dave Turnbull and it is one of the most descriptive and hopeful songs I’ve heard in country music this year.  In the song, Campbell describes how he was taught “there’s life after this…with pearly gates…and streets of gold.” That is an appealing image in itself, but what really sells this song is the chorus where Campbell goes on to sing about what he hopes heaven (or the “Outskirts of Heaven”) will be – a picturesque country landscape with “hay in the fields…a farmhouse with acreage…and a creaky front porch swing.”

This is a slower tempo song but it can still rock the speakers in any car, whether you’re driving down a dirt road in the country or through a crowded city street. Campbell’s voice is consistent throughout the entire song and builds strength through the chorus showing his undeniable passion and authenticity for what he is singing. Campbell even did a special video project entitled “Heaven: According to Kids” in which he asked children (including his own) what their idea of heaven was. Children have a pure and innocent view of the world that we often lose as we grow older and I truly enjoyed seeing the extra effort Campbell and his team made to showcase this song.

“Outskirts of Heaven” was released to radio earlier this spring and was the third most added single in its release week. You can help its continuous climb up the charts by requesting to hear it on your local stations as much as possible. Then head on over to iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and Spotify to buy a copy and stream it for everyone else to hear!

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