Album Review: Craig Morgan – A Whole Lot More To Me

It’s been about four years since Craig Morgan’s last album and his fans couldn’t be more excited about his new album A Whole Lot More To Me on Black River Entertainment.

The album starts off with his newly released single “I’ll Be Home Soon,” a song with a sweet melody that pushes past his other boundaries. This song features passionate lyrics and a wonderful acoustic feel. It’s a great way to start off his new album.

“Living On The Memories” is a break up song showing how powerful love can be. It brings you back to your first heartbreak. This is a relatable song that people will listen to when they’re trying to heal.

Following the breakup song is “All Cried Out,” a song about getting over someone and moving on. It’s a “Today is the day” kinda song. An empowering song when you need some motivation. Personally, this is one of my favorite songs on the album.

The title track “A Whole Lot More To Me” completely goes out of Morgan’s comfort zone. The jazz feel creates a wonderful melody that makes you want to dance. It’s an easy going song with a country lyrics and a rhythm so different than what he has produced before. I really hope he sings more songs like this.

Morgan brought in Mac Powell of Christian band Third Day to guest on “Hearts I Leave Behind,” a ballad that expands his album even more. It’s a gospel feel with beautiful strings playing in the background. I love that Craig went outside the genre for this song.

“Country Side Of Heaven” picks up the pace and brings back a more familiar Morgan sound. Reminding me of “What I Love About Sunday,” he isn’t shy about his faith. It’s a positive song that ought to bring a smile on everyone’s face.

The next song “Nowhere Without You” slows it back down with a piano ballad. This love song brings to light his vocal range and ability to connect with his listeners with a simple love song. It’s obvious that Morgan knows about love. He and his wife, Karen have been married for many years and have four children. This song reflects the respect he has for her. I hope this will be his next single.

“I’m That Country” brings in familiar harmonies and rhythms to the album. The lyrics show how much Morgan understands his fans and what they want to hear. The same can be said for “When I’m Gone,” which comes next in the album. It’s a great tune to remind you of what’s important and the perfect song to go before “Who Would It Be,” a powerful song about raising a glass to those who had passed early. Morgan reels you in with a simple melody so the listener can really think about that one person. He completes the words that fans wish they could say. It’s the song that connects fans with their loved ones again.

“Remind Me Why I’m Crazy” goes back to the earlier tracks of the album as a breakup song. A love that is now lost. A ballad that is all too familiar with Morgan and he sings it just as well — if not better than before.

The last track of the album brings us full circle to his roots. “I Can’t Wait To Stay” gives us a taste of the new Craig Morgan mixed with the old one we still love just as much. This song gives us a small town feel with a love message mixed between. His love songs are what made him who he is as an artist.

After listening to his entire album multiple times, I have to say that this is his best work yet. Each track has potential to be a No. 1. He and his team took their time picking each song, producing it and recording it. His fans will be relieved to know that it was worth the wait. This new album will be listened to for decades to come.

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