Craig Wayne Boyd

You may know him best as the most recent winner of NBC’s The Voice and the fourth of Blake Shelton’s team members to take home the big prize. However, Craig Wayne Boyd isn’t a new artist, per se. He has been hard at work toward a career in music for eleven years, writing songs, performing as an opening act, and even signing a publishing deal with EMI. It wasn’t until NBC’s The Voice season 7 that Craig became a household name and would find himself fully experiencing the fruits of his labor.

Ultimately crowned the champion of the show under the watchful eye of Blake Shelton, Craig exploded on to the country music scene with a Number 1 debut, “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face.” With the single being poised to release to radio and Craig heading out to promote his record-breaking hit song, he also decided to promote himself in one of the most purposeful ways of the present time — through a Country Music #CMchat Twitterview!

While just beginning his radio promotional tour, Craig recognized the importance of reaching out to his incredibly supportive fan base and additional country music fans through an avenue which they use to communicate with one another constantly: Twitter. What better way is there to reach the masses than by spending one hour with Jessica Northey, an old friend from his pre-The Voice days? Exactly, my friends, exactly … none!

So, what happened when two friends met in one of their famous platforms to discuss the other’s road to fame? First and foremost, the man with eyes of ocean blue who could melt hearts with his peepers and win them with his voice occasionally sleeps in his boots … don’t ask. We also found out that Craig is a man who truly belongs in our lives, considering he is a tremendous fan of Taco Bell (which our Country Music #CMchat family happens to LOVE). Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, Craig’s New Year’s resolutions went right out the window, but hey, there’s always next year!

But wait! There’s more!

In case you missed one of the first interviews with Craig Wayne Boyd following his win on The Voice, you can read the tweets below to catch up with the Dot Records recording artist. A very special thank you to Craig and his plethora of “Yallers” for making this one of the most exciting, fast-paced, and interactive Twitterviews to date!

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