Song Review: Craig Wayne Boyd @CWBYall “I’m Still Here”

“I’m Still Here” is Craig Wayne Boyd’s newest single written about his musical journey up til now. Craig Wayne Boyd wrote this song with Arlis Albrighton and Josh Helms his last weeks on NBC’s The Voice. Listening to it you can feel the emotion with which the song is written. Its a song from the heart of a man who has known hardship before success as some of the lyrics express, “So I skipped a few meals and slept in my car.” These lyrics encourage people to not give up on their dream no matter how hard or hopeless the situation may be.

This song also tells a tale of the sacrifices it takes to achieve a dream. Craig pens it beautifully with these words, “But my sons at home and he’s too young to know why daddies have to go,” that hit home not only for musicians but for anyone who has to be away from family for their job or military service.

It gives hope that one day all the hard work and sacrifices will be worth the journey. “I’m Still Here” is a beautifully written song that inspires me to not give up on my dreams and the sacrifices I’ve made will be worth it in the end. Thank you Craig Wayne Boyd, Arlis and Josh for writing this beautiful and inspirational song. You have renewed my passion to live my dream.

Like the song says, “I’m still here standing strong giving it my all.”

Listen to Craig Wayne Boyd “I’m Still Here”

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