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You might be watching your Twitter stream of some of your favorite Country Music artists, or listening to your local Country Music Radio host, or have friends in Nashville…and see/hear the letters CRS.  My first thought was Can’t Remember Sh*t, which can be a result of having too good of a time during this week long “seminar” in Nashville.  I even love what Brett Eldredge called it:

However, CRS in this instance actually means “Country Radio Seminar”. Here is how they describe themselves in their mission statement:

“Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. was created to provide a platform and structure for education and growth for the Country Music format, serving as the conduit connecting the interests of Country Radio with the Country Music Industry.”

Blah blah blah…basically all these Radio People come to Nashville, and artists, labels, vendors and people who want to sell something to these people, whose job it is to sell to you, get together and talk about how to “evolve, educate, promote and  exchange ideas, and business practices which keep the Country Format dominant and vital.”

I asked some of my friends to put into their own words:

The thing I cherish the most about being at CRS is the relationships I’ve been blessed to build over the years. Most of these radio peeps, I only get to see once a year and it’s the best feeling to be able to talk to them face to face and give them a hug. CRS is the craziest week of the year for most of us, yet we can’t wait for it to get here! As far as tips, I say try to squeeze in every single opportunity to network and get to know these people. We are  all a family in the country music industry, best people you will ever meet! That along with the amazing panel discussions, parties, shows, meeting current and up and coming artists…it is truly the coolest seminar you will ever attend. Water…drink lots of water!

Adelle M. BorchettaDirector/Radio Promotion & Marketing, Edgehill Music Nashville
(and she’s a BORCHETTA…so she knows things)

The Country Radio Seminar is the most awesome week of the year! Country radio professionals from all over the country converge on Nashville to talk shop! My tip: prioritize your panels! If you have enough people with you to cover all the ones that interest you, good enough. If not, plan to make the ones that mean the most, and get the rest on digital. Oh, and don’t forget to sleep!

Fletch Brown, Operations Manager/Program Director/Afternoon drive hos WXFL KIX96 Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL

Whether or not you’re in the industry or a fan of Country Music, there are so many wonderful performances. -My favorite is getting to see the NEW artists – people who you haven’t yet heard of but are SO talented!  Then of course it’s NASHVILLE, fab. food, nice people… barbecue…. biscuits…

Legendary International Broadcast Consultant/Author Valerie Geller
(if you’re attending CRS her session is a DO NOT MISS: 7 Essentials for Top Shows in the Digital Age)

“CRS” is a 3 day knowledge filled session on everything from how to be a better personality to how to market yourself and your company. If you around the convention center at night keep your eyes open for who is hosting a gathering. There is great information and insight at some sessions. It’s also great for ANYONE looking to get a start or just beginning in radio. 

Dan Vanlandingham, Content/Audio Producer – Coordinator at Albright & O’Malley & Brenner

CRS is where managers bring their artists to strut their stuff in any way possible in front of the radio people. The gathering place is always at the “Bridge Bar” Seminars and exhibit booths thru the day, sponsored luncheons with labels presenting their talent. Also there are private parties and showcases upstairs but if you get an invite get there early or you will be sucking on chicken wing bones!

Nan Cassidy, Owner/ President at Tunesmith Entertainment

One of my highlights of CRS was sitting with you Jessica and learning about social media. You can learn so much by listening not only in the seminars but also all around Nashville the week of CRS! Take it all in, you never know the contact you might meet that will turn out to be a friend. Also you introducing me and Tracy Broussard (Blake Shelton’s drummer) to Joe Bonsall (Oak Ridge Boys) that was pretty awesome…meeting Hank Jr because Kirt Webster said Hank come here and meet Jeff, and then having a couple ‘sodas’ with Hank! Getting big timed by JoDee Messina! When she hadn’t had a hit in years! Lol! Meeting Nick Sturms who I still think is one of the most talented young guys in Nashville…I still believe he will be a star! Watch and learn is the best thing you can do at CRS, the movers and shakers will inspire you! 

 Jeff Stone. Former OM/PD/midday personality WSRG

Also make plans to join #CMchat ONE TO WATCH in 2014 Artist Rachele Lynae for the Official Country Radio Hall Of Fame Afterparty also featuring Millstar Entertainment artists, Outshyne. With a Special Guest appearance by four time Grammy-nominated Platinum-selling artist, Jamie O’Neal.

If you’re in Nashville for CRS, I guarantee you will not want to miss this! Rachele is amazing live and Jamie is getting ready to put out a new album. I haven’t seen Outshyne but have heard a lot of their stuff and they’re wonderful!  Party is at the Renaissance Hotel, in the Music City Ballroom starting at 8:30pm CT on Tuesday February 18.  Just mention #CMchat or drop my name at the door.

rachele lynae

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