The Dailey Vincent Show premiere on RFD-TV

Since their inception back in 2008, Dailey & Vincent have taken the Bluegrass world by storm, with critics proclaiming them as “The Rock Stars of Bluegrass.” It’s hard to argue with that assessment, considering their string of sold-out concert tours, their streak of IBMA and SPBGMA Award wins, as well as the fact that each of their past six albums have hit the top 10 on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums chart. Now, the duo is set to conquer another world with the September 5 premiere of The Dailey & Vincent Show on RFD-TV. Darrin Vincent told Country Music #CMchat that the show has been one of their goals for a long time.

“It’s something we’ve been working on for a good long while. I guess it’s been a vision of ours for six or seven years. When Don Light was our manager, we would have meetings with our lawyers to reach goals with our career. This has always been one of them. It’s just taken a little longer to do it. Jamie and I have been writing on it, and trying to find the right people to make it happen for us. Zac Koffler, our manager now, has really helped us come full circle with our dream, and Springer Mountain Farms Chicken has been on board as a sponsor. We’re just really blessed to have this come to be.”

Vincent says the show is going to have a little bit of something for each of their fans.

“The show is going to be a variety show. We do about two or three songs, and then have a special guest come on. Our first guest will be Vince Gill. He comes on, and we interview him. Then, Springer Mountain Farms went out and found some of the top chefs in the United States, and they came in to do our show. We try to find new recipes that taste good and are healthy. Good food and good music – that’s the theme of the show.”

When asked about their influences for the show, it should come as no surprise that Vincent said The Statler Brothers’ 1990s weekly series on The Nashville Network. After all, the duo has recorded many Statler songs over the years – including a 2010 tribute album to the Country Music Hall of Famers that still stands as one of their best all-around projects. Vincent also talked about some of their other influences for the show. “Then, you’ve also got some of the cooking shows – like even The Today Show that features a lot of cooking.”

Getting used to the camera has taken a little getting used to – for at least one member of the duo.

“I’m kind of slow on all that. Jamie really has the gift there, so I’m just hanging on his coat tail. I’m starting to ease my way into it after taping six episodes. There’s been a learning curve. All that time being with my mom and dad with the Sally Mountain Show, I didn’t have to speak that much. Then, 11 years with Ricky Skaggs and seven with John Hartford, I just watched what they did and stayed quiet. So, I’m learning as I go, but for Jamie, it’s like putting on a glove. It’s very natural.”

Also featured on the show will be their award-winning band, which includes charismatic guitarist Jeff Parker (dubbed “The sex symbol of Dailey and Vincent) and bass singer Christian Davis.

“The band really plays an integral role. We try to feature them all we can. We added three more players – Tommy White on steel, Mark Fain on electric bass, Buddy Hyatt on the piano, and James Mitchell on electric guitar. That enables us to do bluegrass the way it needs to be done, but also country and southern Gospel, as well.”

The Dailey and Vincent Show will also feature what has become a hallmark of the duo’s stage show – Vincent’s contagious laugh, which Darrin says was recently put on full display.

“We had The Cleverlys on one of the episodes we have already done, and during the interview, I got so tickled I had to jump up and down. It was so funny.” Could there be a Having Fun with Dailey and Vincent album – similar to the 1974 album Having Fun With Elvis On Stage disc – that featured Presley doing nothing but cutting up with the audience? “We have slowly been putting that together,” he quips.

The Dailey & Vincent Show is slated to premiere on Saturday, September 5, 2015 at 9:30 PM EST / 8:30 PM CST on RFD-TV

Author: Chuck Dauphin

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