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Dallas Smith is a musician by nature. With success as a Canadian country artist now under his belt, Smith recently signed a U.S. record deal with Blaster Records, in partnership with Big Loud Mountain. He now has a brand new single, the title track off of his new EP Kids With Cars, which is currently impacting country radio!

Before getting his start in country music, Smith had a successful rock music career going on as the lead singer of the band Default. I was curious as to what propelled him to pursue country music, he explained:

“In the 2000’s I started to gravitate to country music because there was nothing in rock radio that was really interesting me. Which was funny, because I was ON rock radio. I found myself, on rock tours, in the back of the bus listening to Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Dierks. I was really gravitating towards the music, and especially the voices happening in country music at that time. As a singer, I couldn’t connect to the voices that were being played on rock radio. I met my producer, Joey Moi back in 1999, and we stayed in touch through the years. Around 2006-2007, we started talking about our mutual love for country music and going down to Nashville. At the time, we (Default) were on tour opening up for Three Days Grace in arenas around Canada. Here I was with a wonderful opportunity, at arenas playing great shows with great crowds, but I wasn’t really happy. I think if you’re away this much from home and family, you have to really love what you’re doing. In 2009, I believe, I messaged Joey in the middle of the tour I was on, and said ‘I’m done, let’s go do this’. So, two weeks after that tour was over, we took our first trip down to Nashville. By 2011, I had gotten my debut Canadian release ready. It was a song that was actually co-written by Dustin Lynch, called ‘Somebody Somewhere.’ Dustin was somebody who had a big hand in getting my country career going. ‘Somebody Somewhere’ was never released to the U.S. but it was nominated for single of the year at the CMA’s in Canada.”

Now that Smith is signed to Blaster Records, he has a whole new crowd to win over, and I am confident that he will do so earnestly. His EP, Kids With Cars, is a pleasant teaser of what’s to come with his full length album, due for release in early 2016. The EP contains an exhilarating combination of songs that display intriguing vocals and country pop-rock tracks akin to Keith Urban. About the EP Smith said:

“I tried to be more organic with this EP than I have in the past. It’s more high energy, and I challenged myself vocally compared to what I’ve done in the past. I really wanted a collection of songs that people could put on and forget about the day, and just really escape.”

Being that Smith is a fan of classic cars himself, it was no surprise that he wanted to snag the song “Kids With Cars” as his own right away. Speaking of the single, he added:

“We had a bunch of songs pitched to us and this one immediately grabbed my ear. It brought me right back to my high school days. The parking lot would be the meeting place, and every social group had their own types of cars that kind of defined their group. The cars kids drive now have evolved since then, but the story and the experience in high school, everyone can relate to.”

Though Smith said that he didn’t have a hand in writing any of the songs on this specific EP, he is grateful to be in contact with so many excellent songwriters that believe in him and want him to record their songs. About choosing the right song Smith shared:

“I won’t sing a song that I can’t relate to. When someone is pitching me a song, I listen to it and think ‘is this my story at all.’ I have a hard time sounding convincing singing something that I can’t relate to. I’m not a great actor (laughs), so I have to channel my experiences through these songs, and my story.”

Attributing his prior success, in part, to industry professionals Craig Wiseman and Joey Moi, for their belief in him, as well as Canadian country radio, Smith is hopeful about extending his career here in the U.S. I asked Smith what his favorite thing about performing country music is, and he said:

“Right now, the live shows are incredible. It’s just so much fun. I rarely see any fights. Everyone is there to have a good time. There is a brand new generation of kids that love live music and spend their hard earned money on it. I think that’s pretty cool. I’m excited to meet everybody in the U.S. and show them what I do!”

We are elated to see what you can do, too, Dallas!

You can purchase his EP “Kids With Cars” on iTunes


Photo Credit: Jim Wright

Author: Tiera Bolt

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