Long Lost Jonas Brothers? @DanAndShay

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, otherwise known as Dan + Shay, are quite the popular duo in country music; however, it has often been the buzz that the two would likewise fare well in the wonderful world of pop. It was as if Dan + Shay read your tweets and knew your thoughts (ahem, they totally read your tweets and are pretty darn amazing at recognizing your messages) because on Sunday night at the ACM Awards, they shared the stage with one-third of the former brotherly trio, The Jonas Brothers.

Nick Jonas, who has built quite the admirable career of his own, showed up in Dallas this past weekend to return to the stage as part of a group, performing with ACM Awards Vocal Duo of the Year nominee, Dan + Shay. The three, who ironically look as if they share the same DNA, brought more pop to the stadium than Dallas Cowboys affiliate, Pepsi.

So, what would happen if Dan + Shay filled out the proper legal paperwork to convert to “Jonas’ism”?

Perhaps a cutesy Disney show?

Dan + Shay beach

An important apprenticeship?

dan + shay apprentice

A relationship that will cause #RelationshipGoals to trend?

Shay Mooney dog

Or just some good ole brotherly love?

Dan Shay Nick Jonas

Whatever the end result, I’m pretty sure that the two older Jo Bros would be a little “Jealous” ……. What did you think of the “Poptry” performance? Let us know by tweeting us @CMchatLIVE.

Watch Dan + Shay + Nick Jonas perform at the ACM Awards

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