[email protected] Premiere “Show You Off” Video (Watch!)

Warner Music Nashville recording artists Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, collectively Dan + Shay, are back with another release off their debut country album Where It All Began. Along with the release of the new single “Show You Off,” Dan + Shay premiered the corresponding music video on CMT.com.

“Show You Off” is a song about a man being complemented by the one he’s with and being so proud of his other half that all he wants to do is spend time with her, take her out, and show her off. In explaining this special girl, the duo sings “you’re everything that I’m not, and then a cherry on top; yeah, girl, I gotta see you tonight; yeah, I’m taking you out ’cause damn baby I’m proud.” The chorus further explains how much pride the man has in the woman by his side:

Ey oh ey oh, when a guy like me, ey oh ey oh, gets a girl like you; yeah, you better know we’re going to take it downtown, showin’ everybody what I’m crazy about. Ey oh ey oh, anywhere we go, ey oh ey oh, gotta let ’em all know, and imma tattoo your name on my arm, baby I just wanna show you off.

The music video is a montage of clips of live Dan + Shay performances in front of seas of fans holding up signs and singing along. A crowd pleaser, “Show You Off” encourages fan participation, namely in the chorus during the “ey oh ey oh” portions, as the guys extend their microphones to their adoring crowd.

Dan + Shay’s newest single is perfectly on point for what you would expect from this duo. The harmonies are, as always, flawless, and the song closely straddles the border between the country and pop genres. When it comes to Dan + Shay, it is safe to say that their fans can trust that the guys won’t steer them wrong, will provide them with the type of song that caused them to fall in love with the twosome, and the vocal performances and abilities to supplement each other will always be nothing short of perfection.

Check out the “Show You Off” video below and let me know what you think by following me on Twitter @JenSwirsky.

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