[email protected] Brings Heat to @EllieGoulding’s #Burn on the #DBRequestLine (Watch!)

Tuesday is upon us and that means one thing lately — Danielle Bradbery is answering the #DBRequestLine and we are listening wholeheartedly to what she has to say on the other end. This time Danielle has taken a dance track, stripped it down, and added vulnerability and emotion that no one could have seen coming when listening to the original Ellie Goulding “Burn.”

In her ninth cover, Danielle takes on a song that forces her to practice her vocal gymnastics, hitting notes that are higher than we usually hear … from anyone. With every flip, flop, twist, and turn, Danielle flawlessly attacked “Burn,” making me wonder — why don’t more artists take the “downtime” between albums to release videos like this? While I have listened to Danielle’s entire album front to back, reviewed it, and think she is incredibly talented, those who have only heard the two radio singles have not yet been exposed to what this young, immensely gifted artist has to offer. With covers like “Burn,” it is plain to see that Danielle has something so special to bring the music industry.

Quite simply, Danielle and her team are pure geniuses, as the weekly Request Line has kept fans talking, caused interest to pique, and has opened the eyes of people who might not have realized this artist was capable of such greatness. With “Burn,” Danielle once again shows us that a country girl can step out of the genre with one foot and conquer another sound, while always remaining true to her roots. If Ellie Goulding fans get a hold of this, I am fairly certain Danielle will have a whole new branch of her fan base, as this cover is one of the most spectacular to date.

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  1. Awesome review on Danielle Bradbery and a true one. Those who know her love every song she does. I’ve followed her since she stepped on the “Voice” stage. Watching her change songs up every weeks for Nine weeks has been amazing. It has also brought a closer relationship with her fans. #@daniellebradbery can sing #anything and make it #perfect!

  2. Love your take on Danielle….The amazing thing with these #DBRequestline covers…Very few singers out there today would even attempt to do what she does acoustically and be able to pull it off. Dani’s voice is one for the ages and yet with only a year and a half under her belt the best is yet to come.

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