What Happens When @DBradbery Covers @TaylorSwift13’s “Shake It Off”?

Danielle Bradbery is no stranger to covering songs. She did the whole request line so her fans could pick songs for her to cover and she nailed literally every single one of them, which I think was a brilliant way to showcase just how much she continues to grow as a vocalist.

But this particular cover definitely showed more of her fun side. While Ms. Bradbery was at WRYK in Buffalo they let Danielle pick a song she wanted to cover and she just so happened to pick record label mate, Taylor Swift’s mega hit, “Shake It Off”. Hilarity ensued!


Watch to see how Danielle Bradbery likes to shake it off:

It certainly looks like a good time was had by all although after our Country Music #CMChat Twitterview with her…I’d expect nothing less.

Until next time…this lid is closed-CMChatter Box

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