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I can’t think of a song more appropriately titled than Darius Rucker’s new song “Possibilities.” The song’s meaning is deeply rooted in a story that truly defines just what means to have possibilities, as it’s about a young boy who defied the odds and overcame childhood cancer.

The child’s name is Brennan Simkins, now twelve-years-old. Brennan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (“AML”) in January of 2009, just before his seventh birthday. Thankfully, Brennan has been in remission since February of 2011.

Brennan’s dad, Turner Simkins, wrote the song as a way to thank the hospital that helped save his son’s life, bringing hope to their family and showing them just what possibilities they had. He started writing it during a time of great difficulty however, as his son’s condition began to take a turn for the worse. He was encouraged by a music promoter, who was also a dear friend, to move forward with finishing the song as a form of therapy. The song packed a powerful punch and many people stepped up to help the song come to life.

It wasn’t long until Darius Rucker found out about the project and wanted to be a part of it. He came in during a one-day session in Memphis to record the song, bringing in patients from St. Jude to help him record it. It is Rucker’s and the Simkins family’s hope that this song is a signal of faith for those struggling with a similar situation.

Watch Darius Rucker’s “Possibilities” video:

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