[email protected] Is Getting His #SwerveOn Down Music Row (Listen!)

You might not have heard the name of Arkansas born and bred country artist Denny Strickland just yet, but that name has been on the lips of people up and down Music Row as of late.

With a new single, “Swerve On,” recently releasing to iTunes, Denny has taken promotional matters into his own hands, getting his proverbial swerve on in Nashville and across the country, marketing his upbeat tune to the powers that be at radio stations. Where a new artist may typically be a little intimidated and displaced by life on the road, Denny feels completely at home, as he has an interesting background of competing in horse shows.

So, when it comes to Denny and his current radio tour, you have talent, experience, passion, familiarity and a late manager (Marshall Grant of Johnny Cash’s band) who taught him the ropes — is there anything missing to make this an equation for success? Ah, yes … the song! He has that too!

“Swerve On” is a tune that fits the current trends of today’s music, but it takes a slight swerve off the road toward Bro Country, adding in the wittiness of double entendre, relating the title to both the open road and an irresistable girl. Working squarely into a fun-loving genre that appreciates a little brutal honesty mixed with a shot of whiskey, Denny’s song has radio appeal for miles and is an appropriate selection for those nights when you want to roll your windows down and simply get your “Swerve On.”

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Listen to Denny Strickland’s “Swerve On”

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