5 Fun Facts About Dierks Bentley Black Album

On May 27th Dierks Bentley released his eighth studio album Black via Capitol Records Nashville. The title is not only his wife’s maiden name but also resembles what happens when the sun goes down. A mature and developed Bentley showcases much growth on the 13-track master work. Here are 5 Fun Facts about his new album.

1. Collaborations

Black features interesting collaborations with some amazing artists. With tracks like “Different for Girls” with the sultry Elle King, Bentley is planting growth outside of the country circle. Then you have the raw and untouched Maren Morris featured on “I’ll Be The Moon” which is a mid-tempo love story centered around a love triangle. Bentley also adds a touch of blues and soul to the mix with a track titled “Mardi Gras” featuring Trombone Shorty. Although remaining primarily country with Bentley’s southern vocals and rural demeanor, Black is one of his most diverse albums and can easily be accepted within other genres of music.

2. Humor

Although it’s to be expected, Bentley has a rather vivid sense of humor that stands out in his music. His hit single “Somewhere On A Beach” brings a rather laughable twist to a break up scenario. “Roses and a Time Machine” is a groovy tune about being regretful. Both tracks are just as catchy as they are witty.

3. The Mid-tempo Songs

Most of this album is centered around mid-tempo tracks. Each one depicts a different storyline from the next. “Pick Up” has the break up storyline but the storyteller wants to make things right. “What The Hell Did I Say” is an unforgettable track about drinking and having a bad memory. Then you have the track inspired by being young and lively – “Freedom.” Each one tells a delightful and intriguing story.

4. Passion

Bentley has shown great depth with this album. “Why Do I Feel” is a song about love, doubt, regret and even pain. It’s a bi-polar track lyrically and the author takes us through some deep thoughts. “All The Way To Me” has a classic country feel and paints a picture of things we enjoy in life, things that help us grow, and things that keep us happy. “Light It Up” is a mid-tempo romance dedicated to the special person in his life. Then you have the most powerful track of all “Can’t Be Replaced,” a ballad that describes memories and items that just can’t be bought with money or time. A personal track for Bentley, as he mentions his best friend and companion for 15 years, Jake. Black is definitely an album that projects passion.

5. Everyone Loves The Color Black

It’s true. Black makes you look slimmer, black shoes stay clean longer and all the best parties happen at night, when it’s black. I find the title to be interesting. Black could also be related to depression, feelings and even moods. Given all the deep and somber tracks, the title could very well be an ode to how Bentley was feeling during that time. Feelings make for the best music and as an entirety, Black is truly a sophisticated and powerful album that everyone should love.

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Dierks Bentley Black

Author: Brittany Vance

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