[email protected] Gets ‘Drunk On a Plane’ (Watch)

After watching Dierks Bentley’s new music video for “Drunk On a Plane,” there are a few things that become immediately apparent:

1. RISER Air is my new must-fly airline.

2. Forget Chuck Norris, Dierks Bentley is the man I want on a plane in case of an emergency.

3. Dierks Bentley knows how to throw a party and this song is bound to be a highlight of his live shows.

In the video clip, Bentley plays a guitar-strumming, mile-high partying, day-saving passenger on RISER Air. The song tells the story of a groom ditched at the altar, en route to his honeymooon solo. In a move to forget the woman who’s done him wrong, the ex-groom begins drinking heavily and before we know it, “it’s Mardi Gras up in the sky.”

Hilarity ensues and there’s all kind of crazy going on in the video directed by Wes Edwards. “We added some of this footage to the screens for tour, and I have a hard time not turning my back to the crowd to watch it myself… so many hilarious moments,” Bentley said. “There are a few subplots working underneath the main story that totally crack me up… if you watch it a couple times, you start to pick up on more funny details. Wes did an incredible job…again!”

The video is all kinds of hilarious, and I agree with Dierks; it takes multiple watches to catch all the little subplots happening. Watch below…and then watch again!

AND CONGRATS DIERKS on being a finalist for the #CMchattys Must follow Headliner and Male categories!

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