[email protected]’s #HeyBrother Not-So-Country @Avicii Cover

With an album just released of fresh songs and 6 albums prior to that, one would think that Dierks Bentley has no shortage of touring material. Currently, he’s touring across the pond and decided to add a challenge to his set – Avicii. For those who may not know, Avicii is a Swedish DJ that recently released a CD “True” which Wikipedia has marked as “folktronica”. What that exactly means, well, frankly I have no idea. Apparently it’s pretty good though because it’s gotten him world wide success. His third single, “Hey Brother” has been released in the US on Adult Alternative stations and features Dan Tyminski as a vocalist.
Here’s the music video that was released:

Of course, Dierks Bentley is always looking for a challenge! Here’s his cover of the song as performed over the last week or so. Who do you think does it better? I personally would like to see Dierks record a country version of the song!

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