[email protected]’s Hot @CountryKnights Perform a “Reunion” Show (Watch!)

Dierks Bentley has been drunk on a plane. He has held on to the things he believes in. He has begged a woman to say she does. But never before have we seen him donning a 1990’s inspired mullet wig … until now.

Luckily Kelly Sutton was on hand for the big Hot Country Knights “Reunion” Show at The Stage in Nashville, and she captured some video of Dierks and his new cover band (also known as his every day band), Hot Country Knights, getting down on the Chattahoochee, Alan Jackson style.

For those who are scratching their heads (and sporting 21st century hairdos), Dierks and friends have been traveling about Music City in true alter ego fashion, creating Hot Country Knights to cover some of their favorite 1990’s country music. In announcing the cover band, Dierks explained:

I have a little alter ego. I’m working on a little something something with my guys in the band. It’s a little side project – a little bit of a ’90s country cover band. We specialize in ’90s country, which was a great era in country music.

The leader singer, “Douglas ‘Big Rhythm Doug’ Douglason,” is joined by Trevor Travis, Barry Van Ricky, Shelton Van Ricky, Dillard “Monte” Montgomery, Cade “Bonesy” McCoy, Terotej “Terry” Dvoraczekinsky and Vinnie “Frenzy Fingers” Pompanell.

Call them a little 5-1-5-0, but this band is certainly living it up and having some good, clean fun! Learn more about Hot Country Knights by clicking here.

Watch Dierks Bentley’s Hot Country Knights perform

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