Do You Love @DierksBentley? Say You Do! (Listen!)

After seeing his single “Drunk on a Plane” soar to Number 1 on SiriusXM The Highway, Dierks Bentley is slowing things down a bit with his followup release, “Say You Do.” The track was penned by the impressive trio of Shane McAnally, Matt Ramsey, and Trevor Rosen, and is a total departure from Dierks’ most recent hit song.

“Say You Do” is a soft track about a man pleading for a woman to whisper sweet nothings in his ear — even if those nothings truly mean nothing at all. It may not be about love, but just lust, for Dierks in this song, but the delivery would make listeners think otherwise, as he croons about longing for another. The chorus of the song goes:

well couldn’t you say you do, say you might for tonight, have a heart, bend the truth, even if you don’t, couldn’t you mess me up, get in my head, steal my t-shirt, wreck my bed, all night long like you used to, even if you don’t, couldn’t you say you do?

Let’s admit it. We’ve all been there, missed someone from the past, and maybe, just maybe, went back sheepishly to relive a night. Dierks unapologetically offers up his most vulnerable state of being, hits his knees, and begs for one more encounter; even if that encounter is littered with lies.

This song is a sudden change of altitude from “Drunk on a Plane,” but comes at a perfect time, as Dierks is at his prime and has the attention of country music fans everywhere. Now is his chance to truly prove his versatility as an artist and his staying power in the industry. “Say You Do” will certainly help Dierks continue to pave his path toward the Hall of Fame.

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