If Country Stars Were Disney Characters… – 7 Quick Clicks

You may have to look no further than your favorite country stars to see your favorite Disney characters. From looks to personality traits, it’s like some of your favorites were drawn by Disney’s brilliant animators. So, join us, and imagine if country stars were Disney characters…

1. From the dress to the poise to the tiara, it’s like Taylor Swift and Cinderella were separated at birth. We just hope Taylor has no evil step-sisters, problems with midnight or a coach that’ll turn into a pumpkin.


2. They’re both big and goofy with hearts of gold, so it’s easy to think that Blake Shelton and Monsters, Inc.‘s Sulley were cut from the same mold. We guess that makes Adam Levine his little one-eyed green friend, Mike Wasowski.


3. That hair! Those eyes! That smile! Yup, we’re talking Jake Owen and his animated counterpart, Aladdin. Like Jasmine, we’re pretty sure that any girl would join Jake on a magic carpet ride.


4. They’ve both got perfectly coiffed blonde hair, better-than-perfect eyebrows, and I think we’d all die to hear Carrie sing “Let It Go.” It’s pretty clear we’ve got Frozen‘s Elsa right here in country music.


5. They’re both misunderstood bad boys…and those arms! Brantley Gilbert and Gaston clearly pump iron and woo women with their charms.


6. They’ve both got an aw-shucks, do-gooder, miniature cowboy thing going so it’s hard not to see the similarity between Justin Moore and Woody from Toy Story.


7. Hunter Hayes is adorable, sweet and bright-eyed and busy-tailed just like Chip. They’re both sweet, charming and full of that aww-shucks¬†¬†innocence.


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