EP Review: Doug McCormick – Sweet Dixie Memory

There’s nothing I love more than finding music I’ve never heard before and instantly wanting to find a way to purchase it. Well, maybe there’s one more thing, when that artist is not only talented, but also humble and ultimately appreciative of their fans.

Doug McCormick is a prime example of the artists I like to find. Originally from the small town of Patrick, South Carolina, McCormick has called Nashville home for the past five years. Despite his current address, there’s a small town feel that is evident on his new six-song EP Sweet Dixie Memory.

Produced by Marshall Altman, the EP begins with the upbeat “Hands Of A Country Man” which paints a picture of watermelon wine, sunsets looking out over pastures, and the calloused, reliable hands of a man who has been working the land all day.

The title track is featured as the second song on the EP. “Sweet Dixie Memory” is a nostalgic tune about bringing love back through the never ending dirt roads of the country landscape.

Up next is a slower song about “Dirt Road Dancin’” under the stars…at midnight…to a favorite song playing on a truck radio. What a way to paint a romantic picture for that someone special.

“Pretty Girls and Fishing Poles” probably has the catchiest melody out of all six songs. This song is easy to sing along with and it possesses an all-around feel good kind of vibe. There will also be a lyric video coming soon featuring fan submissions with interpretations of “pretty girls and fishing poles” from a contest that McCormick recently ran on his Instagram. I’m excited to see the finished product!

The last two songs on the EP, I think, are a toss-up for which song most showcases his strong vocals and South Carolinian accent. “Heartbreak in the South” and “Time Don’t Care” both deal with the unfortunate, but all too familiar theme of heartbreak and loss, whether it’s a romantic interest or the death of a loved one, and how the world continues to spin, even when it feels like it should stop for just a brief period of time.

What makes this EP stand out to me is its authenticity. These are real life experiences and if even one track can make you feel something or leave a lasting impression on you like it did for me, then I would consider it a successful body of work.

Sweet Dixie Memory is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play and hard copies of the EP recently became available online at dougmccormickcountry.com. Make a small investment, take a listen, and let me know what you think! You can find me on twitter @KCarib.

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Author: Kristen Diotte

I've been known to spend hours in historically preserved buildings. I travel internationally to support musicians I believe have changed my life. I hope to one day work for a company that is both historical and musical.

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