7 Times Drew Baldridge’s New Single Proves He Ain’t No “Rebound”

Cold River Records recording artist, Drew Baldridge, just released his second single from his debut album, Dirt On Us, to country radio. Already, “Rebound” has reached over 7 million streams (and counting) on Spotify and hearing it live at a show immediately breathes life into the audience. Written by Drew Baldridge, Emily Weisband (also the female vocalist on the duet) and Simone Simonton, the smooth, enticing vocals and heavy electric guitar riffs demonstrate that it’s a song which can’t be ignored.

At some point in our lives, most of us have experienced what it’s like to walk the walk and talk the talk of a rebound lover. Lyrically speaking, there are seven specific instances within the new single, “Rebound” where Drew fires back to the temptress ex, exposing her behavior for what it is, and drilling the message that he’s not up to be someone’s rebound:

#1 “A mistake I ain’t repeating”

#2 “Now that he’s gone, you wanna get in my car, wanna steal my sheets go a little too far”

#3 “With the sweet talk on your lips, but I ain’t a fool, yeah I know what this is”

The ex-lover then tries to persuade him, saying, “baby don’t you miss the taste of my kiss, I know you want this,” but he’s not falling for it.

#4 “I ain’t your bounce back, go back, to keep him off your mind”

#5 “Baby I ain’t trippin on the words you’re throwing around”

It’s too little too late, but she continues to sensually beg, in a soft whisper, “let me show you why it’s different this time,”

#6 “You’re wrong if you think you can dip out like you did and say you’re over him”

She tries to entice him back with continued seduction, “Just let me see you, see what it leads to, boy it’s your move,” But he stands firm, and finalizes his stance…


“Rebound” is a song that brings discernment and confidence to kick that “Rebound” lover to the curb. Next time that rebound lover comes along, stand firm and send them this song. You can purchase “Rebound” on iTunes, or listen on Spotify. If you like the song, make sure to request it to your local radio station so everyone can enjoy!

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