‘I Got Drunk And Did What?’

Alcohol is freely flowing on country radio these days and listeners are buzzin’ on the boozin’. Basically, if you ain’t here to party, you’re a buzzkill. So come on and put a drink in your hand. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to go 10 rounds with Jose Cuervo or if you’re simply a cold beer drinker who likes to put 24 tall boys on the chill. There’s nothing wrong with day drinkin’ or drinking to that all night. Just remember, there are consequences that often make for great stories with hilarious results when you are told or realize the next day what you did the night before. So get your shine on with these Seven ‘I Got Drunk And Did What?’ Songs.

Carrie Underwood – Last Name

It’s a tale as old as time. It starts off all “Hey cutie where are your from?” But quickly devolves into “oh no what have I done.” It happens all the time. All-American good girl goes to Vegas. Gets served too much of that poison and does things she’s not proud of…including getting married to a guy she just met on the dance floor who just happens to drive a Pinto. WARNING: Ladies, if you’re going to party in Vegas to the point where you end up at a wedding chapel BE SURE TO WRITE THE GUY’S LAST NAME ON THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. It’s not sexy, but it will certainly prevent a very awkward moment in the morning.

Eli Young Band – Drunk Last Night

Alcohol consumption brews nostalgia, both happy and sad. It’s unavoidable, especially when you’re missing that someone special who doesn’t find you to be particularly special anymore. Drunk then heartbroken or heartbroken then drunk, it doesn’t really matter which comes first because both scenarios suck. “I guess I wasn’t thinking straight. I couldn’t tell wrong from right. I went ahead and called you up. I got a little drunk last night…I got a little too far gone. Heart was talking way too loud. I don’t remember what I said. I just remember breaking down.” Says it all.

Joe Nichols – Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off

It’s common to lose things while drinking. Stop by any bar when it opens and there’s usually a who’s who of rookie detectives trying to find their cell phone, credit card, dignity or sunglasses after a previous night of letting loose. Naturally, many are also seeking to retrieve clothing like a hat or jacket, but I can almost guarantee that these people didn’t come home wearing a tablecloth after losing shoes, an earring, jacket, contact lens, and panty hose (and God know what else). “She don’t mean nothin’ she’s just havin’ fun. Tomorrow she’ll say, oh, what have I done?” Don’t worry sweetie, your friends will be sure to tag you on those videos and photos that they uploaded to Facebook.

Kenny Chesney – Ten With A Two

I’d venture to guess about 98% of all random hook ups are alcohol related. In the moment it usually works out for all parties involved and hopefully a good time was had by all. More often than not though, one of the partners has this Kenny Chesney moment in the morning. “…Asked if I can take her home. When she said yes, I thought I’d been blessed. But boy did I look like a fool. Last night I came in at 2 with a 10. But at 10 I woke up with a 2.” Don’t feel bad, if this happens to you and your friends tease you for your beer goggling ways. Just offer up this little wager “…If you’ve got the cash I’ll bet you 10 to 1 you have too.” Trust me. They have.

Luke Bryan – All My Friends Say

If you’re single, it’s perfectly acceptable to get bombed after seeing an ex out on the town with their new love interest. It’s a total free pass for a night of jackassery. But, if you go for it, you better make it epic. The blueprint for such shenanigans is well set in this Luke Bryan song (lost truck, money, woke up naked in a rocking chair with a beer in your hand) but feel free to improvise. It’ll make those hung-over phone calls that much more fun.

Randy Rogers Band – Fuzzy

We’ve all been there. A friend or relative calls/texts saying “things are rough, meet me for some drinks.” Even though you’ve got a lot going on the next day, you’re still a good friend/relative so you dutifully respond, “I can only meet you for one round.” Ten hours later you discover you have no keys, cell phone, money, a black eye, a new tattoo (who’s Heather by the way?), and are now sporting a wedding ring. Many other questions are sure to arise as well. Such as, “Did I try to call my Momma? Did I try to break into the mall? Did I get in trouble with the law?” And of course, “Where are my pants?”

Shelly West – Jose Cuervo

“Jose Cuervo You Are a Friend of Mine.” Truth. “Did I kiss all the cowboys? Did I shoot out the lights? Did I dance on the bar? Did I start a fight?” All perfectly normal morning-after-dancing-with-tequila questions. “Now wait a minute. Things don’t look too familiar. Who is this cowboy who’s sleepin’ beside me? He’s awful cute, but how’d I get his shirt on?” Yee Haw! At least he’s cute.

Author: Scott Colvin

Scott has 20+ years experience as a writer/editor and is #CMchat's Executive Editor. He's a rabid music fan and a sports junkie. If there's a cat in the room, he'll pet it. If there's a beer in the room, he'll drink it.

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