[email protected] Injured by Flying Beer Can (Photo Inside)

Niceville, Florida (or, in this case, Not-So-Niceville): Yep yep, that’s where Dustin Lynch was at.

Lynch performed at MulletFest on Friday night, wrapping his set with a cover of Garth Brooks’ cult classic “Friends in Low Places.” As Lynch moved on to the catwalk to get closer to the crowd, he was blindsided by a full beer can as it was flung from the audience and hit Lynch in the face. Though Lynch didn’t see who the culprit was, a fight immediately ensued in the crowd, implicating the guilty party. However, nobody was apprehended in connection with the assault.

“I was walking down the catwalk and just wham, out of nowhere this beer can just nailed me in the face,” Lynch told People Magazine. “It was a completely full can and it felt like a baseball had hit me.”

Dustin Lynch beer can

Lynch finished the show, like a real trouper, explaining “we finished the show out like we always do. It was just a little bloodier than usual.” Following the show, Lynch was transported to the emergency room where he received treatment, including stitches.

Ironically, Lynch was in the process of promoting his new single “Hell of a Night” … which is an apropos description of his visit to Niceville.

Country Music #CMchat wishes Dustin Lynch a speedy recovery. And, rather than issuing our own PSA, Lynch said it best:

The moral of the story is don’t throw beer cans, period. It’s not cool. This guy caused an incident that almost ruined a great night. The crowd was insanely loud and supportive and that’s why I wanted to finish my show [despite the bleeding]. I didn’t want to get off the stage until I had to.

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