[email protected] Continues to Share His Love for @Reba

Dustin Lynch has made it no secret — he certainly does “love somebody” and that is Ms. Reba McEntire. One person who is well aware that she cranks his tractor is Reba herself.

Now, if you were Reba, how would you handle it? “What do you say” in a moment like this?

So far Reba has fed into Dustin’s crush, using Twitter to congratulate him on his Number 1 album, Where It’s At. In response, Dustin’s love for the Queen has grown exponentially, even leading to him making the American Country Countdown Awards a “hell of a night” for Reba when he sent her congratulatory roses.

Just when you thought the ball might be in Reba’s court to make the next move, your decision-making is a tad premature. Reba actually posed with said roses, further fueling the fire that burns for her in Dustin’s heart, leaving it to Dustin to take the next affirmative step in this pair’s adorable phantom relationship.

For Dustin, a challenge extended is a challenge satisfied. This weekend, the two are with the rest of the country music industry in Arlington, Texas for the 50th Annual American Country Music Awards, and it took Dustin no time to feel the magnetic attraction to the object of his affection. During interviews, he spotted Ms. Reba mere feet away and did what any respectable fan would do — snapped a selfie with her in the background. Then, he took the next logical step; he syndicated that selfie across social media.

With Dustin’s Romeo’esque ways, we will have our eyes peeled on Twitter tomorrow night during the ACMs for some other sneaky photos of the “Fancy” Nash Icon artist and Milestone Award recipient.

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