Single Review: Dustin Lynch – Seein’ Red

What do you get when you take a hot country singer in a cowboy hat, a little funkiness and a whole lot of color? Dustin Lynch’s new single “Seein’ Red.”

The new track was released on June 24th via Broken Bow Records. It’s a sexy party anthem showcasing Lynch’s desire to step it up a notch. Although most people fell in love with Lynch’s traditional sound and style from his debut single “Cowboys and Angels,” his previous album Where It’s At had more of an edge and also gained him three straight No. 1 songs.

Red is the color of love, seduction, fire and passion which best describes the new single. “Seein’ Red” blends together funk, rock, country and pop. Written by Kurt Allison, Steve Bogard, Tully Kennedy and Jason Sever, “Seein’ Red” is a blazing story about lust and infatuation. The electric guitar riffs are solid and Lynch’s vocals pleasingly aid in the song’s story. The lyrics tease – “Flame. Girl you light it up when I hear you say my name. Yeah you know just how to start it, you shine and I just can’t wait to get you out tonight. Yeah you know how bad I want it.” You can’t deny how fitting it is for Lynch’s flirty personality.

A strong number that hits you like a punch, “Seein’ Red” is a fiery track with a massive up beat tempo. It will do remarkably well at country radio and will sound even better live. It’s the perfect song for Dustin Lynch’s action packed live show. Once you set your ears on this freshly mastered track you just might love it so much that you’ll be “Seein’ Red.”

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Dustin Lynch Seein Red


Author: Brittany Vance

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