Be @EastonCorbin’s Love Song (Listen to New Song Here!)

Often compared to the one and only George Strait, Easton Corbin has one of the most underrated voices and catalogs in today’s country music. In fact, it is pretty safe to say that Corbin has a knack for releasing songs that should easily climb to the top of the charts, and that trend continues with his latest single. “Baby Be My Love Song” will be included on the album that Corbin has been hard at work on for the last several months and has already started receiving spins on radio stations nationwide.

Staying true to Corbin’s theme of a good ole fashion country love song, “Baby Be My Love Song” shares his feelings for a woman, likening her love to the music he plays. Comparatively speaking, Corbin explains that while the band is done playing, he isn’t quite ready for the music to stop. The chorus begs:

Baby be my love song. Baby be my all night long. Be the buzz in my Dixie cup, my steady rockin’ ‘til the sun comes up. You know I really love to watch you dance, baby be my “oh hell yeah!” I feel a little sing-along, sing-along comin’ on, baby be my love song.

A moderate tempo track, “Baby Be My Love Song” is seductive in a tongue-in-cheek way, not only proving once again how talented Corbin is as a vocalist, but also showcasing the abilities of his band. Particular standouts are the electric guitar riffs that take place in the bridge and the final chorus of the song, giving the track more depth and adhering to the commonalities of modern country music. By fusing Corbin’s more classic sounding vocals, the sexy lyrics, and trendy instrumentation, “Baby Be My Love Song” should be a love song country music fans hear frequently on their radios. At least we can hope that is the case!

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