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In case you missed it, here is our #CMchat Twitterview Wrapup from our Twitter Q&A Chat with Easton Corbin. It was a Twitter event that was well over 4 years in the making, and we had an amazing evening talking about his new album, ‘About To Get Real,’ touring, his musical stylings and everything else that came up!  Thanks everyone who submitted questions.  Monday wouldn’t be my favorite day of the week without you. ENJOY getting to know Easton better!

Q1 If you were introducing someone to Country Music for the first time, what artists/music would you recommend?

A1 My three favorites Merle Haggard, George Jones, Keith Whitley. The foundation of #countrymusic

Q2 What is one of your favorite lyrics from any song- yours or someone else’s? why? via @tierabolt

A2 Hard to pick just one line but in my song Tulsa TX @TonyLaneMusic really painted a picture with his lyrics when he wrote it.

Q3 I read that #HeeHaw had a big influence on you, which character would you be & why? via @CountryInAz

A3 Not so much the show #HeeHaw but the tradition of watching it with my Grandparents, every weekend we watched it and the @opry together

Q4 What’s 1 thing you absolutely cannot live without & 1 thing you wish we could all live without? via @Teeco71

A4 Cant live without my guitar. Im always playing on and off stage. And I wish I could live without my cell phone! Hate this thing

Q5 What’s the strangest question you ever got from a customer when you worked at @AceHardware? via @sneezeguard

A5 A guy asked me to purchase a @DollyParton, apparently there are oven elements that resemble a certain area of Dolly…

Q6 Describe #AboutToGetReal in 4 words? via @emilytheott

A6 About. To. Get. Real…Sorry couldn’t resist

Q7 Which song on #AboutToGetReal is your favorite? Why? via @mswillielosito

A7 #BabyBeMyLoveSong because it is such a beautiful melody to sing

Q8 What’s your guilty pleasure music that would surprise your fans? via @ElizabethTraub

A8 I really like @BrunoMars. He can sing the sh!t out of those songs and @BrunoMars is a talented performer. Love #UpTownFunk

Q9 cats or dogs? Why? via @imwithjessica

A9 Dogs because they are man’s best friend

Q10 You’re often compared to @GeorgeStrait what are some similarities you see? via @DonnaDErrico

A10 I always take it as a huge compliment, but I don’t think anyone can be compared to George Strait there will only ever be one George Strait

Q11 Ten years from now you will be….? via @kimberlyeowens

A11 Making great #countrymusic and out on the road performing it! Love being on stage

Q12 How have you grown from your first album to #AboutToGetReal? via @JustCountryCass

A12 As I’ve gotten older Ive been able to write music from more experiences and just as an artist in general

Q13 What can fans expect from #AboutToGetReal? via @shootinthedirt

A13 Sonically there are ups & downs. Melodically this will take you on a journey. Overall it still has a traditional country element.

Q14 “People always tell me…” (Finish sentence in funny way)?


Q15 Is there anything we haven’t asked you about you that you think fans would want to know about you?

A15 I’m a terrible golfer. One time someone stole everything from my garage but left my golf clubs. The only things I didn’t want!

Make sure you’re following Easton Corbin on Twitter or his website to stay up to date with everything he has going on.

Easton Corbin – Baby Be My Love Song

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Easton Corbin

More About Easton Corbin

Mercury Nashville recording artist Easton Corbin is the most successful new artist in country music in the last year. The native of rural Gilchrist County, Fla., is being lauded for his traditional country sound, authentic lyrics and mastery of understatement. USA Today says Easton “is a country music throwback with an easygoing, old-school style.” He is the first country male artist in 17 years to have his first two consecutive singles reach No. 1 — “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It.” Easton won all of the Breakthrough Artist awards at the 2010 American Country Awards: Artist of the Year: Breakthrough Artist, Single of the Year: Breakthrough Artist and Music Video: Breakthrough Artist for “A Little More Country Than That.” Billboard named him as the Top New Country Artist of 2010.

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