With a young age and an old soul, EmiSunshine (Emily Sunshine Hamilton) has been taking YouTube and the rest of the world by storm, spreading joy as only someone whose middle name is “Sunshine” could. At ten years old, Emi attributes her musical inspiration to some of the legendary greats, including Buddy and Julie Miller, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Sister Thorpe. Yes, you read that right … the artist we are featuring this week who looks up to these iconic country artists is only ten years old.

Emi’s family musical lineage goes back three generations, so it comes as no surprise that this spitfire with the maturity of someone three times her age, the preciousness of a child, and an explosive talent that will be akin to her idols once she is given the opportunity to further blossom in the industry, is in her natural element when on stage. The characteristics Emi possesses can be associated with family members, as she can entertain a crowd like her great grandmother; sing gospel like her grandmother; and let loose and have a great time on stage like her father (who is a member of her band).

Many artists will share the story of singing before they were talking, and for Emi that is no different. In fact, this superstar in the making was goo goo’ing and gaga’ing in harmony before she uttered a single word. At the age of five, Emi had already written her first song and, by six, she had performed at churches and festivals throughout eastern Tennessee. By the time Emi was the whopping age of seven, she had recorded not one, but two, albums, Strong as the Tall Pine and Wide River to Cross, with musical accompaniment by her father, uncle, and brother. More recently, Emi released Black Sunday ’35 under the name “EmiSunshine and the Rain.”

Now, at the age of ten, Emi continues to write, record, and perform, and even landed a spot on NBC’s Today Show after becoming classified as a YouTube sensation. By watching the video below, you will understand why Emi Sunshine has already made herself a household name — all before she hit the big double digits, 1-0.

Check out Emi’s YouTube channel here.

Watch EmiSunshine on NBC’s Today Show

Emi Sunshine

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  1. i think she, at least in my 45 years here, is the greatest thing to come along since Shirley Temple. i regard EmiSunshine of that caliber. i also believe that Emi has the staying power. she is already loved by hundreds of thousands. she is amazing on her own, and yet when her band, consisting of her family, joins in with her it is absolutely charming, mesmerizing and sooooo much talent to witness. i did not even know that i liked yodeling until i heard this little lady do it. it's been so neat to watch her growing and evolving. she and her family are the epitome of humility and kindness. EmiSunshine and the Rain…by the people, for the people. they've got to where they are by conviction and devotion to their roots, keeping it simple by utilizing facebook for their journey so far. i've watched her fans soar from 10's of thousands several months ago to hundreds of thousands. and she's only 10! we are so blessed by her presence in our world, and we surely need the heart and spirit that her family clearly emits. many of us will remember and treasure these early days when we could order cd's and merchandise from her Auntie Kristal over the phone. EmiSunshine and her family are dearly loved and appreciated. 🙂


  2. I lovedd, congrats!! go honey go!!

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