[email protected] Takes Us to The House of the Rising Sun

American Idol alumna Emily Brooke recently opened for country music veteran Tracy Lawrence in her hometown of South Florida to a crowd of onlookers who expected to hear the country singer they saw on Fox’s acclaimed television show. What they got was that Idol favorite from season 14, as well as a multi-genre capable young artist.

Embracing the unfamiliarity the audience members may have with her ability to travel across all spectra of music, Emily introduced one of her favorite songs to sing these days, “The House of the Rising Sun,” popularized by The Animals in 1964, and admitted that those in attendance may be surprised by her song selection. However, it wasn’t long before the shock wore off and those who were present were simply enamored by the maturity, poignancy, and talent of the sixteen-year-old who has captured her hometown’s and America’s hearts.

Bringing her usual passion to a new level, Emily crooned and growled her way through the folk song that tells the tale of a life that has taken an unfortunate turn in New Orleans. Stunning even her band members, who are equally amazing in their own rights, the teenager belted out one of the most breathtaking versions of the song imaginable to a room silenced and awestricken. Though the song shares a sad story of familial turbulence and the ultimate sacrifice to escape the pain, Emily’s audience was elated as she sung the final notes, as each and every person who stood before her realized the enormity of the performance they had just witnessed.

While I wish I could say I am surprised at her ability to capture the crowd with this song, I am not shocked at all. Emily Brooke has been and will remain one of the most gifted artists I have come into contact with in my many years of covering country music; and what surprises me the most is that she isn’t headlining these shows at this point.

Watch Emily Brooke Perform The Animals’ “The House of the Rising Sun”

Emily Brooke

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