EP Review: Seth Costner – The Easy Part

What is it about an artist or a song that causes you to form a connection? Sometimes it’s the lyrics, sometimes it’s the music and sometimes it’s the voice. I found all three the very first time I heard Seth Costner sing. I immediately knew there was something special about him. I couldn’t put my finger on it but he drew me in and I haven’t looked back since.

Costner is a singer/songwriter from Alabama who now lives in Nashville. He is an extremely talented musician currently touring with The Swon Brothers where he plays keyboard, banjo, harmonica and guitar. He has grown a fan base with the help of Zach and Colton Swon who give him a spotlight song in their show. His five-song EP The Easy Part is available on iTunes on September 4, 2015.

Seth’s first EP From The Ashes was released in 2012 and had a soft pop/folk sound to it á la James Taylor. This is where I came to love his smooth voice and his incredible storytelling. His new EP has a country sound where that same smooth voice has matured some and his great songwriting is still evident.

There are five songs on the EP, but I believe in quality over quantity and he picked five quality songs to record. “How This Is Gonna Go” is perfect for the radio. This up tempo song has a catchy chorus and a beat that gets you dancing in your seat right from the start. And to top it off, it has killer guitar solos alongside a banjo – I just love banjos in country music. Chorus: It’s gonna go like hey girl you’re lookin’ so good/I don’t know you but I sure would/like to try so if you don’t mind me asking/how about you, me, a bottle of wine/a real slow dance and a real good time/girl I think it’s safe to say I know/ how this is gonna go

He slows it down a little with “Between the Lines.” This flirty song talks all about getting someone to notice you and the games you play to make it happen. He paints that picture and makes you wish you were that girl trying to catch his eye. It’s a snap your fingers, sway back and forth kind of song that has a little bit of sexiness to it. Chorus: baby I know that you know what you’re doing to me/there’s a look in your eyes and it’s easy to see/there’s a good conversation between your heart and mine/ here I am take my hand/we’ve got nothing to lose/you’ve been looking for a love/let me bring it to you/ain’t got to say a word/keep showing me them signs/and I’ll read between the lines

“Beer Pressure” is just plain country fun. It starts out with sound effects of popping the top off a beer can and a little “ahh” that is repeated through parts of the song. The writing reminds me of Brad Paisley and his playful, don’t take yourself too seriously attitude to his songs. At the end several of Costner’s friends are heard singing the chorus with him followed by a rendition of “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.” My favorite line: I guess I could stay for one more round/cause I just met a hottie and she’s on the rebound/I think she’s a fox but she might a hound/cause I just put my beer goggles on. It just makes me laugh. This is a fun, beer drinking, party song that makes you want to get together with your friends, crank up the music, pop a cold one and have a great time.

The title track “The Easy Part” is absolutely beautiful. Costner’s storytelling reaches a high point with this song. He chronicles the story of finding love at different ages in life where “falling in love was the easy part” and at the end the girl leaves and now “letting go is the hardest part.” The first time I heard it I was close to tears; it moved me so much. His voice is flawless and he is joined by Caroline Glaser on the chorus. The two voices together elevate an already amazing song to a new level. The music is ethereal and almost angelic and I dare you to not get chills when you hear it.

Everyone has had experiences with those people who don’t want anything to do with you until you are successful and then all of a sudden they start coming around. “Good Graces” tells that story. Costner is joined by his friends, The Swon Brothers, on this track. This is the most traditional country sounding song on the EP, yet he mixes is with modern lyrics. Chorus: she wants to get back in my good graces/funny how money can bring old faces/back to the door after years and years somehow/and she wants to step in to my oasis/kiss my shoes and suck my laces/it’s too late to get back in my good graces now

Seth Costner is a rising star on his way to the top. His songwriting is top-notch and he has the voice to carry those songs. From fun-loving, party songs like “Beer Pressure” to incredible ballads like “The Easy Part” he is able to pull you in with his voice and keep you there with his writing. If this EP is any indication of what all he can do, then he is going to go far. Keep your eye on this one. You’ll be seeing his name for many years to come because as one fan on twitter said “falling in love with Seth Costner’s music is the easy part.”

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Author: Shannon Herrold

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