Just to be clear Eric Church’s new single is NOT about Nascar…

I suppose in America when one hears “Talladega” they automatically think of NASCAR. So naturally the fact Eric Church’s new single bares that name it made a lot of fans thinking the song was all about NASCAR. But here’s the thing…the song doesn’t pay tribute to NASCAR or that famous superspeedway of the same name.

But….the track plays homage to life itself.  In an interview with Billboard,  Eric made sure to explain it.

“It has nothing to do with that,” Church tells Billboard  “That is nothing more than the avenue through which the commentary took place. It’s really about life. What you see on TV there has nothing to do really with racing. It’s about that experience, whatever that is: the experience with the person next to you, and knowing that that’s probably a finite time in your life. It’s not gonna last forever.”

Eric wrote the song with Luke Laird who was on the same page about the song and explained why some might confuse the meaning of the song before they get a listen to it.

“You hear the title and you think it’s gonna be this joke song or something like Talladega Nights,” Laird said. “Then, I think, they realize that yes, that’s the title, but it’s so much bigger than that.”

Church added that the song takes him back to the ’90s when he and his friends would set up camp for a few days at the track.

I guess the song title “Life” woulda’ been too easy. Anyway, it’s a great song…so if you haven’t heard it make sure you take a listen…

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