Exclusive Premiere: @EricaABryan’s “This House Is Haunted” Video (Watch!)

We recently introduced country music newcomer, Erica Bryan, and her debut offering, “This House Is Haunted,” to #CMchat readers. The track can best be defined, as previously provided in our review, as a “flawlessly … emotional and eerie performance,” and the newly released corresponding music video echoes those sentiments exactly.

Film buffs and those who pay great attention to detail will notice that the video begins with Erica approaching a house with a red door; a color that often denotes emotion on the other side of the aperture. The opening scene foreshadows the devastation that occurred, and will continue to occur, within the four walls of the home, providing viewers with insight that the track will likely generate feelings of loss within them.

Throughout the video, Erica roams the halls of her house, reminiscent of a relationship past, and envisions a former love. However, as Erica relives the historical scenes, her love vanishes before her eyes, reminding her that what remains of their relationship is a series of memories. Whether the couple is spending time together in the home’s kitchen or bedroom, Erica longs for a time when the house possessed happier times. The video, much like the track itself, is dark and agonizing and succinctly translates the idea of heartbreak through artistic expression.

Words truly cannot do this video (or the song) justice. So, without further ado, the #CMchat family proudly invites you to enjoy the EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE of Erica Bryan’s music video for “The House Is Haunted.” Also, make sure to follow @CMchatLIVE and @EricaABryan on Twitter to let us know what you think of this beautifully painful track and video.

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