Introducing @EricaABryan with “This House Is Haunted” (Listen!)

We were recently introduced to the sensationally talented Erica Bryan and we would be remiss not to share the wealth with #CMchat’s followers, fans, and friends. Erica is no stranger to the country music industry, as she works for Ms. Reba McEntire at Starstruck Entertainment, but is now making a move toward becoming an artist in her own right.

Erica is coming out the gate with a dark, agonizing song, “This House Is Haunted,” which tells the tale of heartbreak and its ability to consume your everywhere and everything. Most hauntingly, the traces of a former love often continue to permeate the walls of a home long after he or she has moved out and on. For the person remaining, memories are tucked away in every corner and pain is felt up and down the halls, transforming what used to be a home into a haunted house.

In thinking about the ghost of the man who left her behind, Erica sings:

This house is haunted. I can feel you all around. You’re all I wanted and now I can’t get you out. You keep showing up, everything that I touch has your memory on it. Ooh ooh ooh, this house is haunted.

Listening to Erica’s debut offering, it is impossible to not feel empathetic toward the singer, as she flawlessly delivers an emotional and eerie performance. Her vocals are sweet and smooth, while lending that certain special something that simultaneously makes Erica intriguing and mysterious. An artistic highlight on this track is toward the end (approximately the three-minute mark) when a quiet male voice seems to echo Erica spookily, playing the role of the figurative ghost infiltrating her thoughts, her being, and her sanctuary.

Check out “This House Is Haunted” below and prepare to be introduced to your next favorite female singer/songwriter:

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