Kid sells fake Luke Bryan tickets and guess what happens to him?!

I guess this kid took the whole “Crash My Party” song a little too literal when he attempted (and succeeded!) to sell FAKE tickets to a Luke Bryan concert and the craaaazy part? The high school student got OUT of a double felony conviction!

According to MassLive, 18-year-old Jose Gonzalez pleaded guilty to larceny of over $250 and attempting a ticket scam.

Jose went the ol’ Craigslist route and  posted the tickets back in August, which offered “4 awesome seats,” to Luke Bryan shows.

Jose made a pretty big mistake though….you see, a family purchased the tickets (who wouldn’t?! 4 awesome seats to Luke Bryan sounds like a good time!) but when the show got closer they noticed their tickets were still being listed as available. Hello red flag! This caused the police to open up a sting and well…busted.  There were a total of 20 false tickets in the seller’s pocket once police showed up.

“You don’t realize how close you came to two felonies,” the judge said.

No comment from Luke or his peeps on this…but I wouldn’t think Luke would be too happy about that! Hopefully the kid learned his lesson…that is NOT how you should roll.

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