Want To “Act Like A Lady?” Just follow Fiona Culley’s Lead.

Have you ever heard a voice so clear and pure yet sassy and powerful at the same time? That voice belongs to Fiona Culley and she’s on a mission to become the next unforgettable female in country music.

Originally from a small town called Litchfield in England, Culley performed throughout Europe for years gaining a fan base before taking the big leap over the pond and calling Nashville her new home. Not long after, she posted a cover of Ed Sheeran’sThinking Out Loud” on YouTube and the video went viral producing over two million views. Her newest single, “Act Like A Lady” is just one of many songs that will prove how much of an impact she can make in the increasingly competitive country music landscape.

Culley’s voice on this track is the perfect mix of classic vocals with a modern sound. In comparison to great country music females, past and present, I have a strong urge to describe Fiona Culley’s sound as a smooth blend of Trisha Yearwood with some Kelsea Ballerini spunk. “Act Like A Lady” is a sassy, upbeat tune and I think women everywhere will find some lyric within to relate to.  Personally, I’m drawn to the whole theme of “…crash and burn, love and learn…” because no matter who you are, sometimes you just have to learn from your mistakes in love.

Fiona Culley is currently on radio tour crossing America promoting her single and loving exploring new cities and cuisine wherever she travels. Keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to write, record and release more songs with her impressive set of musical abilities.

You can find “Act Like A Lady” on iTunes by clicking below as well as on her website. Don’t forget to check her out on her Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well!

Author: Kristen Diotte

I've been known to spend hours in historically preserved buildings. I travel internationally to support musicians I believe have changed my life. I hope to one day work for a company that is both historical and musical.

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