“Dig Your Roots” with Florida Georgia Line

When Florida Georgia Line promised that their third studio album would portray growth and maturity, they meant it.

Dig Your Roots is a 15-track piece of art that relies more on intimate love songs and less on party anthems.

Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard co-wrote eight tracks on this album which ultimately showcases their ability to write more meaningful lyrics that depicts vulnerability and wisdom. The amazing line-up of featured artists also makes the album a success.

Dig Your Roots starts out nicely with crickets chirping and a banjo laced sound. “Smooth” is an upbeat track with traditional Florida Georgia Line metaphors and poise regarding the special lady they are “digging.” Although the first track is in true FGL style, it isn’t long before they glide into new territory with the title track, which is a more intimate, mid-tempo story about who they are and what’s important to them.

Also, with this album you will find that Kelley has more of a leading role. In songs such as “Island” and “Heatwave” which are both mid-tempo R&B inspired tracks, Kelley can be found doing most of the vocals. On slower tracks such as “Lifer” which shows their respect and loyalty to their wives, Kelley also steps his game up. Amongst the love songs, you will also find two more tracks that seem to be related to their wives. “God, Your Mama and Me” which features The Backstreet Boys, is a mounting ballad where Hubbard’s vocals peacefully keep note. Then there is the ever-sweet “Grow Old” which also seems to be directed to the duo’s wives.

Then in the mist of all the newness, you have endearing, in-depth tracks like “Music Is Healing.” A magical ballad that embodies soft vocals and brilliantly written lyrics, “Music Is Healing” is certainly a beautiful song. “While He’s Still Around” is led by Kelley but was written shortly after Hubbard’s father passed away. It’s undoubtedly a dad’s anthem. It showcases massive growth and dedication to their craft. Then there is the substance filled track “May We All” which features Tim McGraw. Last, is their most recent single “H.O.L.Y.” and I think we all can agree it’s a step up on the maturity scale as well.

However, the stylish duo would not be true to their inner-selves if they did not have the party anthem songs that everyone fell in love with. “Life Is A Honeymoon” featuring Ziggy Marley is a lighthearted track with reggae infused melodies and lyrics that flow easily. “Summerland” is a flirty mid-tempo tune with sexual innuendo and the high vibes they are mostly known and loved for.

“Good Girl Bad Boy” is another mid-tempo track that describes opposite lovers so to speak. “Wish You Were On It” can be defined as a catchy slow jam with electronic melodies and backgrounds. It’s ultimately about missing the “girl.”

So although Florida Georgia Line still give fans a little of what they desire, they also kicked it up a notch and showed true growth and passion. Although still appealing to their fanbase, it’s safe to say they will also gain new fans with this engaging album. Dig Your Roots is a 5-star album and if you listen hard enough, you will see exactly why.

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Dig Your Roots, released via Big Machine Label Group, is available on iTunes.

Florida Georgia Line Dig Your Roots

Author: Brittany Vance

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