Frankie Ballard Reflects on Sunshine & Whiskey’s Success

Warner Music Group’s Frankie Ballard has just released a new single entitled “It All Started With A Beer.” The track is the first single from his upcoming sophomore album, set for release in 2016. Before we totally close the door on his previous album, 2014’s Sunshine & Whiskey, we shine the spotlight on the trio of No. 1 records that were released from the set, as Ballard shared his thoughts about each.

“Helluva Life” (No. 1 from week of March 29, 2014)

“It’s like the girl you came to the prom with. It’s your first one. I’ll never be able to feel that again – all of the anticipation and knocking on doors, and trying to get people to hear your stuff. ‘Helluva Life’ was the girl I walked in there with. I had singles before, but that was the beginning of a new chapter of my life where I feel it legitimatized me as a recording artist, as well as in the Nashville community. I’ll always hang my hat on that one.”

“Sunshine & Whiskey” (No. 1 from week of November 29, 2014)

“That one was the biggest hit we’ve had so far. It makes me appreciate the power of a hit song. I don’t know what’s different between it and ‘Helluva Life,’ as far as the reaction. But, if I bump into someone at the grocery store, they know that one. It’s the one that you know you can play that people are going to know. It might be a little low-brow to say this but I always think about all the time I spent making the music video, and locking lips with that beautiful girl from San Antonio.”

“Young & Crazy” (No.1 from week of September 5, 2015)

“That was the last single off of the album, and internally, there were a few choices to make. There were talks about a few of the others. That closed the chapter of the Sunshine & Whiskey album with another No. 1 song – and allowed us to maintain altitude between albums, which is so important to me. If we had put out a single and it didn’t go to No. 1, we would have had to deal with that as a business – there would have been a misstep. I’m so thankful to country radio, and for those songs. Those songs are like your babies, and then you send them out into the world and they do well. You can’t help but feel so proud of what they did for you and the writers.”

Be sure to pick up Frankie Ballard’s new single It All Started With A Beer on iTunes.

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Author: Chuck Dauphin

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