What happened to Frankie Ballard's arm?

What happened to Frankie Ballard’s arm?

At Frankie Ballard’s concert in Humble, Texas the audience were shown just how ‘Young And Crazy’ Frankie is when attempted a stage dive and ended up separating his shoulder. Ummm…OUCH?!

If you’re worried if the show went on? Well it did. What a stage warrior. And while he be sporting a new fashion accessory with the new sling…he isn’t letting it stop him.

“Got hung-up jumpin off stage in Humble, TX last night,” Ballard wrote on Facebook. “Separated my shoulder, mangled a couple ligaments, and busted a rib…but the show WILL go on rockin’ tonight in Mission, TX.”

Get well soon wishes headed your way Frankie!

Author: Country Cadre

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