And the Garth Brooks Announcements Keep on Coming

This morning on Good Morning America, Garth Brooks told Robin Roberts that a big announcement that will change the face of music will be made at 1:00pm today. In fact, Brooks told Roberts the announcement is so huge that she should hop a plane from New York to Chicago and join him at his press conference to experience the news live. Without much hesitation Roberts agreed to throw some items in a bag, grab members of her team, and jet set to Chicago for whatever Brooks had up his sleeve.

So, was the announcement that Brooks had in the wings enormous enough to cancel plans, clear a schedule, and hop on board a plane? If you think Garth Brooks having his own digital music platform is a big deal, well then the answer is yes!

During his press conference from Chicago, Brooks announced that he would be launching a digital media source (“GhostTunes”), allowing fans to not only purchase Brooks’ entire catalog of music, but to purchase music recorded and released by others as well. Additionally, starting today, music will be available for purchase on (through a partnership with, with singles only becoming available as pre-orders for Brooks’ upcoming album.

On his own music, Brooks explained that you can get everything in one package digitally, exclaiming “THE PRICE IS STUPID!” What is a stupid price you ask? How about the entire Brooks collection (eight albums), a new double live album, and new albums this Fall and Fall 2015 … as a bundle for less than $30.00?! You can order the bundle here now!

Garth Brooks is back, indeed, and he is certainly intending to change the face of music as we know it. What do you think of Brooks’ big announcement today? Would you deem this news big enough to make you jump on a plane and hear it live? We sure would!

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