[email protected]’ Birthday Was Certainly NOT the “Pitts” (Watch!)

Garth Brooks celebrated his birthday on Saturday, February 7th, and he didn’t do so alone. In fact, the entire city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania joined the bash. Heck, if Garth is in town on his special day, it should be a citywide holiday.

Obviously his superstar wife, Trisha Yearwood; his record label, RCA; and the beloved Pittsburgh football team, the Steelers, agree, as each of them joined in the festivities, making Garth’s birthday one he will never forget. From a tour of the Steelers’ locker room to a black and gold, country music themed cake to Steelers players charging the stage with a gifted jersey and confetti shooters, Garth was monumentally honored in Steel City.

The birthday boy shared his day on social media, setting the highlights to one of his most famous songs, “Friends in Low Places.” If you weren’t there to live the moments, you can now help the moments live forever by watching the video below.

Author: Country Cadre

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