#GarthBrooks Sells Out Chicago – Who’s Next?

On July 10th, Garth Brooks made the announcement we had all been waiting for – new music and a new tour. The following Monday, Garth gave Andy from Atlanta the call that the Windy City would be his first tour stop for a world tour that is expected to span three years.

People from around the globe waited for July 25th to come around so they could get tickets to Garth’s first performance on September 4th. Those who signed onto Ticketmaster early saw that Garth would not have one show, but THREE shows in Chicago. Tickets went on sale as planned at 10 am and with a globe vying for tickets to a venue that only seats 18,000 it was no shock the system had it’s difficulties.

By noon, an additional seven shows had been added to Garth’s trip to Chicago. Six days spread over two weeks and a total of ten shows. As of this story only a few seats remain and they are sure to be gone by the end of the night as hopefuls finally get through on Ticketmaster. Over 100,000 people will be seeing Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood in Chicago, but that only leaves one question – who’s next?

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