#Garthapalooza Continues on @TheTodayShow with @GarthBrooks

Garth Brooks has done a great job making his rounds, promoting his new music, record-breaking world tour, and social media presence, but what he has on his agenda next is unlike what any other has done before. This is because when you are Garth Brooks, you go big or you go home; and Garth has no intention of going home on January 8th.

Garth will join NBC’s The Today Show’s team of anchors the morning of January 8th, but not for a typical celebrity appearance. Rather, Garth will start the show with the crew at 7:00am and stay right there beside them for their entire four-hour window, ending at 11:00am. Not only will Garth try his hand at anchoring the broadcast, he will also perform songs off his newest Number 1 album Man Against Machine.

Set those DVRs, country music fans. This appearance is a small piece of history in the making, as no other guest has double dipped as host and guest for a full edition of The Today Show. And just when you thought the promotional part of Garthapalooza had come to an end …

Looks like this “man against machine” “ain’t goin’ down” anytime soon. Let’s be honest with ourselves though; no one in his or her right mind would want it any other way.

Watch Garth Brooks perform current single “Mom”

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